No superpowers, just spandex. Inspired by a true story. 

When a depressed college student is shaken by a campus suicide and ditches his medication, he channels his manic energy into a secret persona in an effort cheer up the student body, inspire the girl he loves, and ward off his own demons...or else risk failing out of school once and for all.

Gold Boy is a mental-health-romantic-comedy feature inspired by my experiences and extra-curricular activities at Cornell. After my freshmen year, I took a medical leave for chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Tragically, while I was gone, six students committed suicide—three of whom jumped from the infamous bridges on campus. After fighting to return to campus, I arrived to find the school covered in chain-link fences to keep us from jumping, and I was worse than ever. And that’s when I started doing something kind of strange. During a night of insomnia, I ordered a yellow, head-to-toe spandex body suit and invented an alter-ego named Gold Boy.  His mandate cheer up the students one by one, a human anti-depressant. Sometimes I’d stand on the quad offering free hugs, other times I’d sneak into a library and try to liven-up my girlfriend’s study group. Gold Boy had his own social media, was interviewed by the school paper (see below), but only spoke in a British accent and no one every really knew who he was...

Ayars_Cornell Goldboy .png